Setting-up the club and selecting an installer

Wivey Solar Club has been set-up by and for local people. No costs have been incurred in setting-up the club or in it’s on-going organisation. Prices paid for installations go entirely to the selected installer, Solar Systems, who give a discount for those ordering through the club offer.

The first step in setting-up Wivey Solar Club was to send a questionnaire to five local and regional installers. This asked if they would like to work with a bulk-buying scheme based in Wivey to install domestic solar systems and if discounts could be offered from efficiency savings for multiple orders. Discussions were also held to address questions. Two local and one regional installer responded to confirm their interest and the potential to offer discounts.

Solar Club PosterAn initial announcement and public meeting (poster right) followed in March 2014 to gauge local interest in the scheme and in helping with the club.

Tender documents were then issued to three local and three regional installers, who were invited to submit details for a good-value and high-quality solar PV system to be offered through the club as a standard installation and their best discounted prices for multiple orders in a range of sizes, as well as discounts for non-standard installations.

The tender documents also explained more about the club and how it would work.

Tenders submitted were assessed on both price and quality to select an installer with the best offering to supply and partner with the club. This was Solar Systems of Ilminster.

The discounted prices from Solar Systems are available to those registering their interest in the club offer. The small level of costs involved in promoting the offer are being directly funded by the installer and no other costs are being incurred in running the club, so no payments are made to the club or those involved with it, only to Solar Systems.

This process and the solar club promotion has been organised by Dave Mansell, who also set-up the Wivey Energy and Solar Power website.


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