West Road – 1.47 kWp

Installed: October 2009
Installer: SolarSense
Panel type: Sanyo 210 Wp hybrid modules HIP-210NKHE1
Panel peak power rating: 210 Wp*
Number of panels: 7
System peak power rating: 1.47 kWp
Orientation: West
Inverter: Fronius IG15

Annual generation**
2010 – 1,258 kWh
2011 – 1,214 kWh
2012 – 1,156 kWh
2013 – 1,196 kWh
2014 – 1,235 kWh
2015 – 1,227 kWh

Average output: 0.820 kWh per annum per Wp installed***

Further information: Our Solar Electricity

* Watts at peak output (maximum power rating)
** In kilowatt hours (kWh) – same units that are used for electricity bills
*** This is a performance indicator for comparing the performance of panels with different power ratings. Performance between systems could vary for a number of reasons including roof slope and orientation, efficiency of inverter and any shading of the panels.


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