Oakhampton Park – 22 kWp

Installed: 2012
Installer: Enviko
Panel type: Conergy P series
Panel peak power rating: 250 Wp*
Number of panels: 88
System peak power rating: 22 kWp
Orientation: South
Inverter: SMA

Forecast annual generation: 16,069 kWh**

Further information: Enviko case study – Oakhampton Park

This location has a limit on the amount of electricity that can be exported to the grid, but a significant amount is used on site. Therefore, an EMMA GVS system has been fitted, which monitors electricity generation from the PV array and the amount consumed on site. This device detects when generation is higher than consumption and automatically diverts the excess into designated use on site – in this case providing heating for the swimming pool and space heating in the buildings. The system ensures that no more than 3.68 kWp is ever exported from site, keeping within the local grid limit.

* Watts at peak output (maximum power rating)
** In kilowatt hours (kWh) – same units that are used for electricity bills


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