Wivey solar installations and output

Solar electricity installations in Wiveliscombe and their output

Known solar electricity installations in Wiveliscombe are listed in the table below (last updated November 2016). There are 12,084 panels at the Sandys Moor solar farm on the edge of town and in addition 1,395 photovoltaic (PV) panels on 70 roofs of domestic, commercial and education buildings and two more ground-mounted installations (one domestic, one business). This is a total of 13,479 panels, which is an average of over 10 panels for each household in the town area.

Wivey’s 13,479 solar panels have an average annual output of about 3,268 MWh or 3.27 million units, which is 59% of Wivey’s annual domestic electricity consumption*** and saves the equivalent of about 1,750 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Performance data supplied for south-facing Wivey installations shows these are producing an average of 1,004 kWh per annum for each kWp of installed capacity (kWh/kWp). This is a little above the standard annual value of 972 kWh/kWp for an optimal roof in our zone, which is published in tables used for installer estimates. However, some local installations are performing  even better than this and some not so well, which will be due to other site or technology factors.

More on these statistics and my estimate of Wivey’s solar output is given in these blog posts, including in further comments of replies.

Click on links below for further details and photos for some of the systems, including more performance data and installation photos. Please email me with further and missing information, including for any other local installations. It is helpful to confirm panel or system power ratings and to receive data for solar generation (in units or kWh) over full years, but any 12 month or more period is fine with start and end dates for the readings.

Location Panels kWp * Facing Installer Installed kWh pa**
Allenslade Close 13 2.2 e W Nov 2015 1,791
Beech Tree Close 16 3.8 e South 2011 3,819
Bollams Mead A 11 2.6 e South 2011 2,625
Bollams Mead B 16 4.0 A South ADI Energy Jan 2015 4,068
Burges Lane A 14 3.4 e South 2012-13 3,341
Burges Lane B 8 2.0 e South Solar Systems July 2014 1,989
Children’s Centre 123 28.9 A South Eco-Exmoor Dec 2011 29,025
Church Street A 17 4.0 e South 2012-13 3,973
Church Street  B 16 4.0 e South Solar Systems July 2014 3,978
Wivey Community Centre 32 8.5 e South Eco-Exmoor Dec 2013 8,433
Coopers Heights 12 2.9 e South Sept 2011 2,864
Ford Road A 13 3.1 e East 2010-11 2,491
Ford Road B 16 4.0 A West Eco-Exmoor July 2012 2,971
Ford Road C 16 3.9 e South Staybrite Solar Feb 2014 3,898
Golden Hill 13 3.5 A SW Sunlight Solar Oct 2013 3,301
Kingsmead School A 18 4.0 e SE Solec May 2013 4,027
Kingsmead School B 72 18.0 A SW British Gas August 2013 18,878
Langley Marsh A 8 1.9 e South SolarSense Feb 2013 1,909
Langley Marsh B 17 4.0 e South 2012-13 3,973
Langley Marsh C 9 2.1 e South 2010-11 2,103
Langley Marsh D 9 2.1 e South 2010-11 2,103
Langley Marsh E 16 3.0 A South Solar Systems Nov 2011 2,730
Langley Marsh F 16 4.0 A South 4 Seasons July 2014 4,129
Langley Marsh G 16 4.0 A South Sept 2014 4,208
Langley Marsh H 13 3.9 A West A J Shire 2013 3,258
LM – Blackwater Lane 20 4.5 e SE 2010-11 4,251
LM – Deepleigh Lane 17 4.0 e SW 2012-13 3,774
Lion D’Angers A 15 3.7 e South Ethical Solar Apr 2011 3,654
Lion D’Angers B 15 3.7 A East Ethical Solar June 2012 3,442
Lion D’Angers C 10 2.5 A East Solar Systems July 2014 2,542
Lion D’Angers D 16 4.0 e E & W Solar Systems July 2014 3,262
Lion D’Angers E 10 2.5 e South ? 2,486
Lower Park Farm 16 4.0 A SW 4 Seasons July 2014 3,800
Maundown 15 3.7 e SE 2012-13 3,472
Mill Lane 24 4.0 e South 2010-11 3,938
Nordens Meadow A 16 3.8 e South 2011 3,819
Nordens Meadow B 16 3.7 A South Ethical Solar Oct 2011 3,736
Nordens Meadow C 16 3.9 e South Feb 2012 3,898
Nordens Meadow D 16 3.9 e South 2012 3,898
Nordens Meadow E 11 2.8 e South 2013 2,735
Nordens Meadow F 14 3.4 e South Green Nation Mar 2012 3,411
Nordens Meadow G 16 4.0 e West 2013 3,262
North Street A 16 3.8 e South Solar Systems July 2011 3,739
North Street B 15 3.7 e S & E 2012 3,472
North St C (Plain Pond) 16 3.9 e East 2012 3,196
Oakhampton Park 88 22.0 e SE Enviko 2012 20,783
Palace Gardens 10 2.5 e South Solar Systems Oct 2014 2,486
Plain Pond 16 2.8 A South PV Solar UK Jul 2010 2,842
Wivey Primary School 17 4.0 A South Eco-Exmoor Feb 2012 3,677
Ridge Hill 14 2.5 A South DJS Electricals Feb 2012 2,657
Sandys Moor A 40 9.6 e South Nov 2011 9,546
Sandys Moor B 85 20.4 e South 2012-13 20,286
Sandys Moor Solar Farm 12,084 2,900 A South Anesco Sept 2013 2,945,499
Silver Street A 12 2.9 A South Eco-Exmoor Mar 2010 2,880
Silver Street B 10 2.5 A East SE Eco-Exmoor Oct 2011 1,950
Silver Street C 16 3.8 e SW 2012-13 3,131
Silver Street D 6 1.4 e South 2011 1,432
Silver Street E 15 4.0 e SSW Absolute Renewable Energy Dec 2015 3,755
Southgate A 10 2.4 e East 2012-13 1,957
Southgate B 12 3.0 e South Eco NRG Solutions May 2014 2,983
Southfield 16 4.0 e E & W PV Solar UK Ltd Oct 2015 3,262
South Street 10 2.3 e South Feb 2012 2,287
Station Road A 16 3.8 e South Nov 2011 3,819
Station Road B 40 9.6 e South Nov 2011 9,546
Stockers Close 16 4.0 e E & W 2014 3,262
Style Road 8 2.0 e SW 2013 1,889
West Road A 7 1.5 A West SolarSense Oct 2009 1,214
West Road B 15 3.6 e South SolarSense Apr 2011 3,580
West Road C 16 3.9 A South Evoenergy July 2012 2,983
West Road D 16 4.0 e South Eco-Exmoor March 2014 3,978
West Road E 16 4.0 e South Gater Electrical July 2014 3,978
West Street A 12 3.1 e South Ideal Home Group Jan 2014 3,043
West Street B 16 4.0 e South Solar Systems July 2014 3,978

* kilowatt peak power rating
** Annual generation – kilowatt hours per annum
*** Calculation based on official energy statistics, which shown average (mean) domestic electricity consumption in 2014 in Taunton Deane was 4,228 kWh. Total households for Wiveliscombe (Town Council area) is about 1,310, so total domestic electricity use should be about 5,540 MWh.
e = estimated generation and output based on number of panels, their orientation and power rating if known
A = based on actual readings supplied for one or more years

More about the calculation for estimating Wivey’s solar output is given in these blog posts.


Recent Posts

Online solar advertising targets Wivey

I have received enquiries about recent online advertising, which is targetting people in Wivey and saying that solar funding is available “with ZERO up from costs”, which has “just opened up in Wiveliscombe from June 26th”.

Solar Enquiry

There are plenty of reasons to doubt this offer. Why has it just opened up in Wivey? Why are no contact details given? It sounds too good to be true? What are they not telling you?

I contacted them to find out more about what is really offered. The representative I spoke to on phone was OK and not too pushy. He was keen to arrange for someone to come to see me when full details could be provided, but he accepted that I would think about it and contact them. He rightly highlighted the savings on electricity bills and quoted the correct rates for support currently available to all through the government’s feed-in and export tariffs. He didn’t mention homes needed to have an EPC energy efficient rating of level D or above.

The company behind the offer is Project Solar, which is not stated on their website advert. They are based in Manchester and have not opened up a new local office.

They offer loans over 5, 10 or 15 years at an interest rate of 9.9% per annum, although also said buying outright was best. The rep said they had to visit to give accurate costs, but indicated it would cost £6,000-9,000 and that 14 panels would be about £6,500, which I assume would be for a typical domestic system with a peak power output of 3.5-4 kW.

This system cost is OK but it is likely that you would get a better price by inviting quotes from local installers. Their interest rate for a current loan is very high – the best rate from Nationwide is currently 3.4% and you may do even better by adding the cost to your mortgage.

What not like

I expect there would be a harder sell from a rep making a home visit. In the small print on their website (above), they indicate electricity bills increase by 7.28% and inflation by 3.04% per year. Such large annual increases would result in savings in the future looking very high. Their electricity bill increase looks particularly high and you should be able to do a lot better than this, including by switching suppliers.

Google reviews (22) for Project Solar indicate they have had some satisfied customers while others much less so, complaining of high pressure sales techniques.

I advise against going with this company. You are likely to get a better deal though a recommended local installer. And if you want to avoid up front costs, take out a loan yourself to pay for the cost. If earning a good return is important, check the estimates provided in quotes by installers carefully and note how long it will take before the system will pay for itself and before you will move into profit. It may be about 10 years, so be confident that you are likely to stay in the house for that long, as you cannot take the feed-in tariff with you (it transfers as a benefit to the new owner but you will still have to pay back any loans taken out).

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