Other renewables

Many people in the area have solar thermal or water heating systems and there will be some with experience of other renewable energy technologies. It would be good to provide more information and reports on these – please email if you have some local experience to contribute.

The following link to further information from the Energy Saving Trust:
•  Biomass heating
•  Air source heat pumps
•  Ground source heat pumps
•  Solar water heating
•  Thermal stores
•  Micro-CHP
•  Solar photovoltaics
•  Wind turbines
•  Hydropower
•  Financial support for renewable heat
•  Renewable electricity support (Feed-in Tariffs)
•  Installing renewables

Also see:
•  Wivey Area Green Homes
•  Visit to a small wind turbine near Clatworthy
•  Energy Saving Trust’s advice on choosing a renewable technology
•  Centre for Alternative Technology free information service
•  YouGen – renewable energy
•  Renewable Energy Consumer Code



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