About this site

I set-up and maintain this website voluntarily and, except as a normal customer, I have no links to any of the companies listed. The following notes describe how the website has developed, as well as giving some information on related developments.

We installed solar electricity panels on the roof at our home in October 2009 (photos above). We may have been the first in Wiveliscombe to do so and soon had enquiries about them.

I set-up a website on Our Solar Electricity to share information on our experience. As solar panels were installed on more local roofs, I added details for other installations too (now just on this website) and set-up a Facebook page. I also supported Brendon Energy in 2011 to raise funds for a community-owned solar power scheme on Wiveliscombe Children’s Centre (now Paddocks nursery and pre-school).

2012 brought significant and on-going changes with falling solar panel prices but less government support.

Since then, the number of local solar installations has continued to grow and it felt right in 2013 to provide this separate website to cover all these, as well as to provide information on saving energy and other forms of renewable energy.

In 2014, I organised Wivey Solar Club to allow bulk-buying of solar installations from a reputable local installer, which provided a further boost to the number of local installations.

At the end of 2014, I helped to launch Wivey Action on Climate and have contributed to promoting energy saving and maintaining their website.

Among other learning experiences, I have twice taken the University of Exeter’s FutureLearn course on ‘Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions’, which now appears to be offered every year in January. I strongly recommend signing up to this free course.

During 2014 and 2015 I attended a couple of training courses by the Centre of Sustainable Energy, which helped further develop my knowledge in this area. Since, I have attended further energy seminars and networking events, including some organised by Regen.

I hope visitors find this website interesting and that some are encouraged to save energy or contribute to more being generated from renewable sources.

Dave Mansell
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1 thought on “About this site

  1. Great site Dave – good information and amazing to see how well Wivey is doing generating its own power – beats Bristol Green Capital!!



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