World needs a “massive shift” to renewable energy

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have today published their latest report (press release) on what needs to be done to avoid the worst risks of climate change.

The IPCC states: “Stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere requires emissions reductions from energy production and use, transport, buildings, industry, land use, and human settlements. … Cutting emissions from electricity production to near zero is a common feature of ambitious mitigation scenarios. But using energy efficiently is also important.”

“Reducing energy use would give us more flexibility in the choice of low-carbon energy technologies, now and in the future. It can also increase the cost-effectiveness of mitigation measures. …

“Through afforestation, land could be used to draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This could also be achieved by combining electricity production from biomass and carbon dioxide capture and storage. However, as of today this combination is not available at scale, permanent underground carbon dioxide storage faces challenges and the risks of increased competition for land need to be managed.

“The core task of climate change mitigation is decoupling greenhouse gas emissions from the growth of economies and population … Climate change is a global commons problem … International cooperation is key for achieving mitigation goals. Putting in place the international institutions needed for cooperation is a challenge in itself.”

I plan to post further details on the new IPCC report soon when I have time.

The BBC have published a series of reports on the IPCC latest findings which are worth reading and encouraging others to do so too.

1 thought on “World needs a “massive shift” to renewable energy

  1. I agree, we can not continue at the rate we are going in regards to fuel and electricity consumption and means. We all need to make the move towards solar and other more sustainable energy forms. Thank you for the read.



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