This website is a celebration of clean energy and solar power in Wiveliscombe and a source of advice and information.

The equivalent of about 59% of Wivey’s domestic electricity is now generated from photovoltaic (PV) solar panels in the town.

Although we generate more than most, our area is not alone in seeing increases in solar electricity panels since 2010, prompted both by the government’s Feed-in Tariff and falling panel costs. But we are a small enough community to be able to record this growth. And many of us welcome it as another positive example of how we can create a green future, which cares for both people and our planet.

The wivey energy website provides:

The Feed-in Tariff for new solar PV installations is now lower than previously. System costs are also lower and continuing to fall, but, overall, the pay back period is typically longer and more dependent on the amount of free solar electricity you would use and so save on having to buy. If a financial return is important to you, it may be best to only consider a new installation if you are confident of staying in the same house for 10 years or more. A solar system should increase the value of your house and the feed-in tariff is paid for 20 years to the owner, while the panels should keep generating for a lot longer. The return will increase if your roof is well-suited to solar generation and the easy installation of PV panels, and if you are likely to efficiently use the electricity generated yourself during the day, so saving on your electricity bills.

There are links on the costs and benefits page to online calculators to help you assess the costs and returns. Installers will also normally be happy to visit your property and to provide a free quote and to talk through any issues.

I hope this website assists others looking to install solar PV or make other clean energy choices in the Wivey area. If you have further specific questions or need some help to decide if solar PV is right for you, I would be pleased to help if I can – click on this link to email me.

Making green choices for your energy

We all use energy for electricity, heating, travel and other purposes.

We can make a difference by sourcing our energy from renewable power, which is clean, ever-lasting and avoids the climate change impacts of burning fossil fuels.

Generating your own renewable power is one solution. Other good choices, that still make financial sense too, are to buy your energy from a green energy supplier and to use energy efficiently. This website gives guidance on all these clean, green choices and links to further information sources.

Dave Mansell – last updated July 2017
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